Maji Mayo

Game Tester, Student

Age: 23
African American
Occupation: Game Tester, Student
Body Type: Athletic, Muscular but slim


Bio: Maji is an avid video game and electronics enthusiast who works as a video game product tester at a local company called Ninsegtavision (parodies Nintendo, Sega, and Activision). He usually wears a bucket hat with a T-shirt and shorts.  He has long dreadlocks that he’s been growing since he was eight years old, and usually likes to have them back in a ponytail. Generally focused and often serious, he is credited for being one of the most diligent testers on staff, though perceived as occasionally cold, distant, and at times a loafer. He is not afraid to share his own personal views on a situation, and generally likes being the bad guy in a conversation.


Maji is the type of guy who can take a punch and isn’t afraid to get in harm’s way.  It takes a lot to get under Maji’s skin and as such, commonly takes the heat for his team’s shortcomings. This usually doesn’t seem to bother him.  Very few know too much about Maji and very few know that he is athletic. He often swims, is learning Capoeira, and is proficient in the martial arts of Jujitsu, Judo, and Ninjutsu.


Having moved into an apartment in Miami Florida from Hawaii, Maji attends “Bull Flight” college (parodies Full Sail College) to study Game Development. Maji is often seen playing a video game, honing in on his analytical skills, or to simply kick back and have some fun. He is often called Maj by his friends. When he can, he likes to go out to the movies, shoot a little pool, and breakdance. He likes to listen to Rock and his favorite food is Pizza.


Bad luck and often strange situations seems to follow Maji occasionally; if it’s not a falling hedgehog from the sky or a muscle bound angry man from out of nowhere, it’s a job related situation or financial issue for school or rent. However with a knack for strategy, these situations never keep Maji down.





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